About Us

Mom and son in play therapy for birth trauma

What is BEBA?

BEBA is a child centered, family clinic that is dedicated to helping babies, children and families heal early restrictive patterns originating from prenatal and perinatal trauma, as well as bonding and attachment issues. These early experiences can have long term effects on one’s emotional, psychological and physical health and wellbeing. BEBA is a non-profit research and teaching clinic with branches in Santa Barbara and Ojai, CA.

BEBA’s Goal:

BEBA’s goal is to expand our understanding of the nature of early stress and trauma from conception through the first years of life and it’s effects on human development. It is dedicated to researching these issues and educating the professional and public sectors about its findings.

Early trauma can occur anytime during conception, gestation, birth, the events following birth and the bonding and attachment phases. It can leave restrictive imprints in the nervous system and affect future behaviors, emotions, belief systems, psychological orientations and physical health and wellbeing.

BEBA supports the development of successful strategies and interventions to help babies, children and families heal and release negative and/or restrictive imprints from those early periods.

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