BEBA is a research and teaching clinic. Its educational programs outreach to parents, communities and the public at large. It teaches classes about conception, pregnancy, birth, family dynamics, sleep issues, nursing and parenting issues for children of all ages. It trains facilitators, professionals in related fields and students of the Castellino Foundation Training, the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and other related institutions. Closed circuit T.V. is sometimes used as a teaching tool.

The BEBA Archive and Video Tapes

BEBA seeks to gather as much research data as possible. To this end, sessions are video taped and the tapes are part of the data archive that is used for research. Notes are taken and occasionally a few photographs. Video clips, still photographs and information from sessions, chart notes, hospital records and/or intake forms also are part of the BEBA archive and may be used in teaching videos and/or training materials.

Privacy versus Confidentiality

BEBA, its staff, and participating students and researchers aspire to maintain as much privacy for the participants and their families as possible. However, because of BEBA’s research and teaching structure, it is not possible to provide confidentiality.

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