Fall 2017 Class Series: September 26 – October 24th

BEBA’s 2017 Fall Class Series:

4 Tuesday Evenings, September 26-October 24

SUGGESTED Donation: $5-$20 per class
The BEBA teaching team: Ray Castellino, Mary Jackson, Tara Blasco, Keri Starbuck, Frank Carbone, Moriah Whoolilurie and Alex Lobba

Location: NEW Santa Barbara BEBA Clinic: 265 Bonnie Lane Montecito, CA
Sign up (not required):
Email – email4beba@gmail.com
Phone – 805-218-2128

Class 1: September 26, 2017
Facilitated By Ray Castellino and Frank Carbone
Deepening Family Connections and Resonance:
We will share the BEBA Method for doing parent and family check ins. And we will introduce the notion of Sequencing. Sequencing is how our early imprints affect the way we move through challenging situations. Understanding our own and our children’s sequencing patterns can change how we connect in very profound ways.

Class 2: October 3, 2017
Facilitated By Tara Blasco and Keri Starbuck
Handling Challenging Emotions:
Handling challenging emotions in ourselves and our children. How recent neurobiology is offering tools to handle our emotions with more ease and understanding.

Class 3: October 10, 2017
Facilitated By Tara Blasco and Moriah Whoolilurie
Preparing for Birth:
Preparing families for birth: Exploring fears and expectations around birth, facilitating communication in the couple and adding layers of support to facilitate an optimal birth experience.


Class 4: October 24, 2017
Facilitated By Mary Jackson and her husband Alex Lobba
Secure Attachment in Parenting:
Raising secure children – how to support them and how to deal with our triggers from early imprints when they get in the way.

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