With a calm, gentle and spacious approach, old familial patterns are coming to the surface, being examined and being let go. Participating at BEBA has been one of the most helpful things my family and I have ever done. We never want to leave…the support just feels so good. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our sessions at BEBA and how they have helped us come more fully into ourselves as a family.

We feel held during as well as in between sessions. The support has increased the intimacy of the attachment and bonding with my son. It helps us to find a common language and for me to learn what he is trying to communicate through his play. What an incredible outlet for my son to tell his difficult story and to be validated in his experience so that he can let it go rather than carry it with him for the rest of his life.

I have been a parent for a collective of 50 years, if I add up the years of raising my three children. I wish I had this knowledge from day one!! I am grateful for all of your wisdom and dedication.

BEBA taught me how to communicate in a loving and open way. I am grateful for the positive changes in my life.

The content of (BEBA’s) class(es) has given me tools to understanding my children’s needs and my needs and how to make our needs work together.

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